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As of 9/13/2022, SDMS is no longer the management company for the Beacon Point Metropolitan District. The Board is diligently reviewing proposals to select a new company as soon as possible.

Once that new company is selected, an e-mail blast will be sent out and the contact information posted here.



Collection of the October 1, 2022 quarterly fee will be delayed in order to allow time for the new management company (once hired) to onboard the District’s documents.  What this means is that SDMS will not be invoicing or processing the October 1, 2022 quarterly fee.   This does not mean that the October 1, 2022 quarterly fee has been waived.  It will simply be due at a later date in 2022. The Board of Directors will provide notice (by way of an email blast and notice on the District’s website) once a new management company has been hired and the date the quarterly invoice will be processed along with the revised due date and how payment can be provided.

If you have any questions relating to any ongoing collection or covenant enforcement matter, we encourage you to contact SDMS prior to September 12, 2022.


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