Hello, Beacon Point Residents-


We are excited to announce that the pool will be opening as of Monday, June 8th! I know everyone has been patiently waiting for news and we are happy that we are able to open!


That being said, there are a lot of things that will be different this year due to Covid-19 and the guidelines provided by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment.  As of right now, the guidelines have not been finalized so we are making plans based on the draft guidelines that were released earlier this week. Therefore, the information provided below is subject to change once the final guidelines are released.

  1. No more than 50 people are permitted in the pool area at any one time. This includes staff, so there will be 47 swimmers allowed.
  2. Reservations will be required. In order to allow as many people to use the pool as possible, each household will be allowed two reservations per week. The reservations will be in two-hour blocks with a 30-minute break in between to allow for the staff to clean the pool area. We will send out the link to the reservation system as soon as it is ready to go. It will also be posted on the website.
  3. The slide and mushroom will not be open for now.
  4. No guests will be permitted, and no pool parties will be able to be scheduled.
  5. The loungers will not be set up; only the tables and chairs. You are welcome to bring your own chairs as well.
  6. A signed waiver will be required- this is a part of the reservation process.


Workout Room

The work out room will be open as of Saturday, June 6th.  There are requirements for that as well as outlined below:

  1. The total number permitted will be 6.
  2. Users will be required to wipe down the equipment after use; wiping down is recommended for both before and after use.
  3. Reservations will also be required and will be in one-hour blocks- this is the same reservation system as the pool. The link will be sent out once it is ready.
  4. No more than one reservation per household per day.
  5. A signed waiver will be required- this is a part of the reservation process.


Park & Playgrounds

The parks & playgrounds are now open! The signs will be removed in the next couple of days but you can start playing now! We would encourage social distancing and washing hands thoroughly after use.


I know that everyone is excited to be back at the pool and were hoping for it to be opened this weekend. However, as the final guidelines have not been released we don’t totally know what we need to do. Additionally, the guidelines that were included in the draft guidelines will take some time for Front Range Recreation to implement, including the training of their staff on the new safety procedures. We are getting the pool open as soon as we safely can!


We thank you for your patience up until now!


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