Dear Community Members,

After lengthy discussions and careful review of the legal opinions provided by special counsel, the Beacon Point Board voted to remove the suspension of enforcement of the parking covenants in our community. Effective immediately, the District will start to enforce the parking covenants as defined within the Protective Covenants of Beacon Point. The Board has agreed to continue with the same enforcement procedures that we were utilizing before the suspension started. For example, if an owner anticipates that his/her car will need to be parked on the street due to a home renovation project, guest, whatever, the property owner would contact SDMS and they would note the activity in your folder and not issue an advisory letter or a fine during the project.

It is our expectation that owners and residents of homes within our community will continue to work at complying with our requirements for parking as stated in the BPMD covenants, being not parking on the street but parking in your homes driveway or garage. The Board, in the meeting re-instating parking enforcement, reaffirmed the owner and other folks living in the house, whether family members or renters, must follow the parking covenants. This is one of the reasons many residents bought into BP was due to our protective covenants.

The Board believes that owners entered into contractual obligations when they purchased their house within Beacon Point and have agreed to abide by the terms of the covenants. As a reminder, the covenant enforcement resolution provides fines of $25 for each letter after the First Advisory Letter for parking violations to the owner of the property. Staff also sends out e-mails to owners in addition to the letter required in the resolution which do not count as the First Advisory Letter.

Although enforcement will begin immediately, it may take some time for all processes, procedures, and legal requirements to be put fully into place. We will proceed with enforcement of the no on street parking for owners and residents of the house within Beacon Point.

The Board will continue to work with our community members to maintain BP. We have agreed to create a Parking Rules Committee of residents to help craft and update our parking rules and regulations. The Board is seeking volunteers to participate on the Parking Rules Committee that will be formed at the special meeting being held on September 23, 2019 at 6pm. This committee will work on drafting parking policies, rules, and regulations that are similar to the processes previously followed and meet our covenant requirements. These updated and revised policies, rules, and regulations will then be considered by the Board for adoption at future meetings.

Thank you

Board of Directors
Beacon Point Metropolitan District


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